Queen of Shadows

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas
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Despite the fact that I took a month-or-more long hiatus while reading this, it was yet another absolutely fantastic addition to the Throne of Glass series. If you’re looking for a series with a bunch of kick ass female characters, look no further. Queen of Shadows just reinforces this even more. If you’re looking for characters who actually change, look no further. Talk about character evolution! Calaena Sardothien/Aelin is by no means the same character she was in the first book. Is she still amazing? Yes. If you want stagnant storytelling where you figure out the love interest in the first book and it stays the same throughout the entire series, you’re looking in the wrong place.

Okay, so it seems as if people go one of three ways with this series and the relationship stuff. They’re either pissed because it didn’t go their way, happy because it did, or just confused as fuck because Sarah J. Maas likes to do this thing where our favorite assassin has like 50 different love interests throughout the series. Honestly, I’m just rolling with the punches and am just so happy that Maas somehow writes in a way that makes me like every direction the story goes, and I’m generally surprised with certain things. Not just with the relationships, but with everything.

From now on, I’m going to stop being general and get on with the spoiler-fied, opinionated portions – so beware… The below text is full of SPOILERS.

I may be one of the few who says this, but I did NOT like Chaol with our dear assassin. I liked her with Dorian. To me, Chaol was the person who I expected, because he was meh in the background… silent and broody. Dorian had flair but you could tell there was more to him. And then shit happened. But ANYWAY, then Rowan pops up and I absolutely hate him at the start, as is expected. Then as he evolves with Aelin, you start to fall.. and fall.. and then SJM keeps throwing up the “they are BFFs and there is nothing romantic between them” barrier, but also keeps throwing up the whole “OMG, he’s so hot” notes that you just couldn’t count something out between them, and thus ship them because it’s expected. So I for one am super happy that Aelin and Rowan are going to be something. Maybe. Hopefully. Such is character evolution and great writing that makes you okay with the direction the author is taking the story! Also, I was completely thrown off by Duke Perrington being the true big bad — I realize looking back that maybe I shouldn’t have been, but I was. End story.

I am so excited to continue Aelin’s adventure. I look forward to being shocked and possibly frustrated throughout another several hundred pages.

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