Artemis – Just As “Sciency” As The Martian!

Artemis by Andy Weir
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Available in November 2017

Andy Weir does a great job at making SO MUCH SCIENCE so very, very entertaining. And believable! I read that much of what was in The Martian is actual feasible, so I wouldn’t think twice about it being the same for Artemis.

I was very glad that I was able to get an ARC of this from Netgalley. I absolutely loved The Martian, and even though it was on a slightly different subject, the way that Andy Weir writes is right up my alley. Artemis is about a “petty thief” living on Artemis, the only city on the moon. She gets an offer she can’t refuse and it ends up being a little bit more than she expected. If you like books about space, science, snark, and a little thievery, this may be for you.

The main character in Artemis is a 26 year old Saudi Arabian girl named Jazz. And, just like Mark Watney, she’s got a lot of extra commentary that can be pretty entertaining at times. I won’t say she’s quite as likable as Mark Watney (she’s a little too sure of herself), but she does the job. You’ve got a lot of other likable characters who are from all around the world, because that’s the thing – Artemis was “created” by Kenya, and it’s definitely a city with all types of people (and seemingly no discrimination by race). I wouldn’t say there’s too much visual description on characters – I really have no idea what anyone looks like in this book, but that’s fine with me, I guess.

You get a lot of world building – there’s a map of the city included in the book, and Jazz goes throughout the different city bubbles, so you get to learn what kind of futuristic moon-city there may be one day. Of course she’s not wealthy or anything, but you get to see some of that too. It all definitely makes me want to live on the moon.

Overall, I’m taking off the 1 star for some of the “funny comments”/snark by Jazz and others being a little overdone at times. With Mark Watney in the Martian, you could kind of expect it because he’s by himself and essentially trying to talk his way out of dying alone. But Jazz is surrounded by a lot of people who know that she’s “this way” and it still just seems a little overdone at times. Either way, it’s fast paced and definitely worth a read!

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