Cori McCarthy Took My Heart Again, AKA: Now A Major Motion Picture, Book Review

Now a Major Motion Picture by Cori McCarthy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cori McCarthy, I love you! Just about 2 years ago I was writing about how I wanted to read everything you’ve written (Post You Were Here being added to my favorites list with a 5 star rating), and you’re pretty much making me squee and cry all over again. I am so very very glad that I was able to receive an ARC of this from the publisher via Edelweiss.

Fans of Fangirl (Rainbow Rowell) and even Morgan Matson – read this! You’ll get characters with actual feelings and problems, a super cute romance, nerdy stuff, and a love of escaping into fantasies and books and movies. I laughed, smiled, and had to hold back tears multiple times – they would probably have been streaming if I hadn’t been reading in a public setting, haha. I’m almost 30, and the coming of age/growth stuff still hits me in the feels. I look back at my review for You Were Here and find myself saying the same thing: “I loved all the characters and wish that Cori McCarthy would give us novels about each character by themselves.” She does a great job of the setting of Ireland too — I was able to visit for my honeymoon, and you truly do get lost in it, as is mentioned a few times. And again – the romance is truly “squee” worthy, though of course it’s just never enough. It was definitely on the lighter side, as the plot truly did revolve around other things. This is not a book that’s only focus is the love story between two people. You could say that it’s a love story in a whole lot of other ways, though.

My only qualms: the absent mother. She truly might as well not exist, for she meant absolutely nothing to this book except as some other stressor in Iris’ life. This is the only character that I either wish was removed or more details were given.

Some are wishing for Cori McCarthy to pull a Rainbow Rowell and publish the book form of the story – I want this 50x more than I wanted Carry On, because it doesn’t just seem like Fanfiction. Carry On really was like Harry Potter hybrid – Elementia seems more of a fantasy — it has more potential. But more so than an Elementia book do I want a 2nd Now A Major Motion Picture book, because I feel like maybe there’s more mystery to the grandmother (and maybe the mother?) … and you could also throw in some of Iris next step in life? And Eamon being successful? And…and… well. Maybe there doesn’t need to be another; I just want more!

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